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Funding required!


As of May 2023, HPC is currently looking for funds for its Phase 5 scale-up initiative, and partnerships are invited for funding and collaboration.

SInce May 2023 HPC has started its scale-up project: "Organic Karnali: Building Community Resilience Through Agroecology" where it aims to create 20 new demonstration and learning centres in Karnali Province, and establish a Farmers' Agroecology Academy to produce "barefoot consultants" (farmer-trainers/designers), as well as supporting model village-based cottage industries.

HPC is looking for funding to continue this work over 5 years, and partnerships to help expand its effect over a wider area.


If you know of any sources, or would like to donate you can donate directly via the link above, or to enquire please contact here

Farmer-to-farmer video at the Himalayan Permacultu
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Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC)

Donate to HPC

HPC is dependent on donations to support much of its work, although its long term goal is to be free of this dependancy by using local government funds and fair trade initiatives that will provide the income to pay for the services it provides.


For certain farming initiatives that involve cash crops such as horticulture, beekeping and livestock management, and for handicraft development for Fair Trade, there are ways of achieving returns on investment that make development sustainable. These can be provided within the ethos of "Trade not Aid". However for many aspects of improving the resilience of subsistence farming, education and health development, there is no direct financial return and so paying for literacy classes and women's health clinics, for example, does require direct financial support.


You can help these valuable and ground breaking initiatives by donating to HPC via the Permaculture Association Britain (PAB), a registered charity (no: 1116699 and SC041695) that will pass funds collected direct to HPC in Nepal. Please click here for details (scroll down to find HPC). 



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