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Farmer-to-farmer video at the Himalayan Permacultu
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Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC)

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Project costs. 

A donation is requested towards food and lodging provided on all sites of  

NRs 600/- per day (about US$4.60/UK£4.00). This includes 2 meals, a snack, the odd cup of tea, and basic accommodation. Life is basic, and traditional, on working farms or with associated farming families. Programmes are constantly stretched in terms of person power and budgets, and any donations you or your own support group are able to make will be well used.


If you have funding connections, we can provide you with project details and budgets of programmes requiring support. This may include projects which you are particularly interested to work with, or even start.


Visitors who are coming merely to visit/study the programme will be charged NRs 1000/- per day.


Things to bring (these may be available in Kathmandu)

* Good first aid kit, plasters, torch, candles, raincoat, thongs, hat, water purifier/ iodine, sturdy water bottle, Nepalese phrase book, tampons/pads, toilet paper (optional).

* Big/snack eaters may like to bring snacky stuff - meusli, porridge, etc

* Seeds, relevent books, magazines, posters, etc.


How to get to HPC Working Areas ?


On arrival in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu the first thing to do is contact HPC via Saroj Shrestha at the Sunrise Farm (ph. ‭984 925 9106, see also the facebook page). Basic accomodation is available here, this is an active HPC-linked resource centre. There is work to do around that farm and it is a good place to get oriented with HPC in Nepal. Arrangements are the same as visitors to any HPC sites. Saroj will give you all the information you need to get to HPC village sites in Surkhet district, and link you to other projects that accept visitors (such as through the Nepal Permaculture Group).


Some hints for travel & stay.

Travel light as possible. Take a good first aid kit, plasters; you can get many regular medicines locally.  You won't need a tent or massive walking boots.  If you're walking, take a friend - or a porter who will carry your sack too.


At all sites, you're free to join in with whatever work is going on. Staff and families may be loathe to show you what work needs doing, but don't be afraid to insist ..... join in !



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