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In March 2012, HPC completed a year's strategic capacity building program (see background information on page here) that has seen 2 new solar-powered resource centres for demonstration, training and plant resources as well as creation up of farmers' groups in 11 local villages of Surkhet and Humla districts. More famers and staff have been provided with Trainers' Training and various other skills-development courses and there's a whole cache of them on ther way to being barefoot consultants. In addition many household and community nurseries are now operating, producing thousands of fruit and multi-purpose trees. Details of what's happened can bee seen on the  "Reports" page, and there's piccies too.


The scale-up or roll-out phase of this project ran from October 2012 to October 2015, whereby resources generated and established during the first year (demonstration and training facilities, farmer-trainers, etc.) were used to out-reach to more villages as a model, and strengthen the network of individuals, communities and organisations working towards similar goals. An additional 10 groups were been created in 10 new villages, with the previous groups tasked with extension and training with support from HPC staff and resources.


All details of activities and achievements during this and other phases are given on the reports page.


HPC then moved into stages 3 and 4, called "Livelihoods for Household & Community Resilience" where a focus is on livelihoods-related activities, in particular cultivation of herbs & fibres, & their processing including organic cotton and nettle. Training and demonstration of techniques from the "Farmers' Handbook" is on-going, with most of this work now passed on to community groups and barefoot consultants. Activities in the health and education sectors were similar to Phase 2: women's health, drinking water, schools programs and practical literacy.


HPC invites you to participate!

Farmer-to-farmer video at the Himalayan Permacultu
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Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC)

News and Updates

Transition: Building Household and Community Resilience.

HPC completed the third phase of this transition project in Humla and Surkhet in November 2018, and started a new 3 year program in December 2018 continuing its "Livelihoods for Household & Community Resilience" program. This was due to run until November 2021, and due to delays caused by Covid was extended until November 2022 and a final extension until March 2023 when the final report was submitted. THis project is now closed.

A new scale-up phase (5) called "Organic Karnali: Building Resilience Through Agroecology" started in May 2023 with limited funding and HPC is currently searching for support to continue this for at least the next 5 years, if funding can be secured.

updated December 2022

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