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Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC)

Scythe Project

The scythe is a traditional harvesting implement enjoying a renaissance in the west as farmers and gardeners move away from fossil-fuel dependent technologies. It is capable of cutting grass, grain crops, etc. much faster than the traditional asi used in Nepal and for this reason is worthy of research to examine its acceptance in Nepal.


Following donation of 2 scythe blades in 2011, a local blacksmith in Surkhet successfully replicated one type. In March 2012, expert trainer Alexander Vido from Scythe Works in Canada visited the project. He brought with him further blades and a snathe (handle) that farmers have been able to replicate. This was followed by a program of introduction and practice of using and maintaining the scythe to cut the spring wheat crop in Surkhet in March and early April. A total of 11 farmers participated and 2 farmers have been selected to teach maintenance and use of the scythes in other areas during the wheat harvest.

Scythe Alexander

Alexander Vido deonstrating the scythe at HPC's Resource Centre in Baragaun, Surkhet, at the start of his training there. Click on the picture to view a You-Tube video produced from his visit.

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Nepali Asi

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